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Phoria and Lusion


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A mixed reality experience for the web

Spatial Fusion is a Mixed Reality WebXR technology showcase designed in collaboration between Meta, PHORIA and LUSION.
Music by Zelig.

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Stellarator story
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Mod, Name :
ZuTek 'Ion Wind' Fusion-powered Stellarator
Mod, No. :

This WebXR experience has been created for viewing on mixed reality headsets like the Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2.

If you have the Oculus app installed SAVE TO VR.

Read on to learn more about the gravity defying Stellarator, a must for any home.

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Before you start

Ensure your space is set up correctly before launching into WebXR Experience

  • Space Setup is REQUIRED to enable the maximum experience and ensure your safety should a VR mode be presented.

    step 1

  • Room Scale Guardian setup is REQUIRED to allow you to move anywhere within your play space. A minimum of 2 by 2 metres is needed.

    step 2

  • Technical minimum specifications are detailed in the FAQs here.

    step 3


About spatial fusion



Spatial Fusion is a new frontier for Mixed Reality (MR).

This interactive Immersive Web (WebXR) experience takes us into new worlds, and is best experienced on Meta Quest Pro or Meta Quest 2. Spatial Fusion showcases the newest advances in immersive technology, including spatial anchors, plane detection and full colour passthrough.


The Problem

Mixed Reality experiences are complex, heavy and not designed with web browsers in mind.

The Solution

We utilised the hardware and software upgrades in the Meta Quest Pro to make a light-weight Mixed Reality experience, accessible via any web browser.

The Challenge

The experience needed to be developed without access to the Quest Pro headset, which was still strictly under wraps!


Two immersive web pioneers are behind the creation of Spatial Fusion: Melbourne-based XR Studio PHORIA and Bristol based web design studio LUSION.

Together, the team embarked on a mission to combine Mixed Reality, mobile and desktop mediums. The goal was to inspire the development community to embrace these new modes of spatial storytelling.

Traditionally, spatial storytelling takes users away from their environment to immerse them in new worlds. But now Mixed Reality gives us the opportunity to visit users in the comfort of their own space.

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Spatial Fusion pays homage to one the ultimate classic sci-fi films, 2001: A Space Odyssey. As we dived into concepts for what would become Spatial Fusion, we were inspired by retrofuturism and Y2K aesthetics.

Our game design developed around the initial question - what could possibly power all this amazing alien technology? We quickly arrived at fusion power and a true-to-life 'tokamak' design, based on real science!

Our art and technical direction focuses on chunky, tactile objectivity. This aligns well with Mixed Reality where users get to interact in a playful way.


Our goal was to create a high caliber experience without heavily depending on off-the-shelf web engines. So we built Spatial Fusion using the least complicated tech-stack possible and the latest WebXR API from GitHub, while still meeting our minimum requirements.

Our primary support was three.js, as it does much of the graphical heavy lifting and runs WebXR straight out of the box. With three.js in place, we were able to really innovate and utilize two powerful new WebXR features - XRAnchors and Plane Detection.

XRAnchors allow the user’s playspace to be persistently cached and restored later as needed. Meanwhile, Plane Detection allows us to access the layout of their playspace and transform it into the inside of a spaceship!


After a warp-drive goes wrong, an extremely lost spaceship finds itself drifting through space. Parts of the ship are scattered, along with asteroids and other space debris.

You hear a distress beacon... is that a voice? It’s coming from the ship. It seems to be alive, humming with the power of AI. Maybe a rescue mission is possible after all! With some clever guidance and advanced technology, we might just be able to turn this situation around…

Spatial Fusion was written as a testament to the history - and future - of Science Fiction. We looked to combine otherworldly experiences with light-hearted comedy, inspired by works like Alien, Portal, System Shock and Futurama.


Spatial Fusion is a comprehensive, eight minute demo of the latest immersive technologies available from Meta. It was featured in Meta’s keynote event, Connect 2022.

Over 50,000 have visited the Spatial Fusion website, with over 25,000 trying the experience in Mixed Reality.

Spatial Fusion shows how Mixed Reality will fundamentally change the user experience of WebXR. We hope that the experience inspires developers, creators and brands to harness these advances for greater engagement, immersion and impact.

The experience was designed in collaboration between:

Spatial Fusion pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with Mixed Reality on the web. We’re dedicated to providing an optimal experience for users, so if you encounter any issues please reach out to hello@phoria.com.au.

Spatial fusion credits


Creative & technical direction
Creative Director
Rayyan Roslan
Technical Director
Ben Ferns
Executive Producer
Trent Clews-de Castella
Project Manager
Heath Amos
Chief Operating Officer
Steven Kounnas
Art, design, animation & vfx
Game Designer, Writer & Developer
Lucas Hehir
3D/Concept Artist
Aleksei Bachinskii
Technical Artist
Yu-Jen Lu
Blair Burke
Aileen Marie Bayaca
Video production & voice over
Video Producer
Jay Harrison
Video Editor
Anna Brady
Voice Over Sound Engineer & Editor
Darius Kedros
Voice Artist
Roslyn Oades


Meta creative shop
Director, Product & Platforms
Eric Oldrin
Eric Day
Project Manager
Tim Xumsai
Lead, Product & Platforms
Bob Bjarke
Creative Strategist
Ollie Beeston
Meta Quest Browser
Product Manager
Jacob Rossi
Technical Program Manager
Adam Goodrich
Arik Cohen
Product Marketing Manager
Thomas Gratz
Software Engineering Manager
Dave Hill
Software Engineer
Rik Cabanier
Scott Nagy


Technical art direction & development
Lead Creative Developer
Edan Kwan
Creative Developer
Marco Ludovico Perego
Patrick Heintzmann
Anatole Touvron
Design Director
Marco Grimaldi

Zelig Sound

Spatial Sound Design & Music
Sound Design Engineer
Connor Duin
Matt Wilcock
Sound Producer
Breda Canning


Creative Director
Philip Einwick
Video Producer
Ting Ni
Cinematographer & Editor
Jiang Naizhong

Special Thanks To:

Robin Boyd Foundation
Operations Manager
Jamie Paterson
Tim Isaacson


  • What is Spatial Fusion?

    Spatial Fusion is an interactive Immersive Web (WebXR) experience designed to be best experienced on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. It aims to showcase new possibilities in Immersive Technology and Mixed Reality. Users interact with Spatial Fusion inside their own physical space through Mixed Reality (MR). It was created in collaboration between Meta, PHORIA and LUSION.

  • What is Mixed Reality? Why is it important?

    Mixed Reality (MR) is a blend between the virtual and physical worlds. It enables you to bring digital content to life within your physical space.

  • What is the immersive web (WebXR)?

    WebXR is an open standard of web technologies that allow immersive experiences to be made accessible across multiple web devices (Desktop, Mobile, AR & VR). It allows developers to build more immersive experiences on the web that expand beyond the constraints of a 2D screen and participate in the metaverse, while also reaching the billions of 2D devices out there. XR and 3D capabilities allow users to experience content in a more present, tangible, and immersive way.

  • Why did you make the Spatial Fusion experience?

    We embarked on a mission to inspire the development community to embrace new kinds of storytelling capabilities and immersive experiences made possible by advances in VR and MR devices! Spatial Fusion showcases how Anchors, Plane Detection and Mixed Reality passthrough can deliver even better WebXR experiences on MR enabled headsets like Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

  • Can you explain colour passthrough and how it was used in Spatial Fusion?

    Experiencing Spatial Fusion with colour passthrough on the Quest Pro elevates the fidelity with a more realistic and immersive experience. This is key to driving more powerful and engaging MR experiences.

  • Can you explain Spatial anchors and how they were used in Spatial Fusion?

    Spatial anchors allow the experience to co-locate virtual objects with physical ones. Anchors can persist over multiple sessions, allowing players to return weeks or even months later to pick up exactly from where they left off. This is key for MR enabled experiences that bring in objects such as tables or walls into the user’s experience and narrative.

  • How was scene understanding used in Spatial Fusion?

    Scene understanding (plane identification) gives MR and AR-enabled devices the ability to understand the 3D geometry (floor, ceiling, walls, furniture, etc) of a user's room. For instance, Spatial Fusion recognises players' walls, floors and tables, as a result, game objects can interact and bounce off these surfaces within your physical space. It’s a lot of fun!

  • What is 'Room Space'?

    A new feature offered on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro enables users to map out walls and objects in their space for a more immersive experience. Users set up their environment as a part of the Guardian system which enable scene understanding for MR experiences.

  • What happens if I am only seeing a black screen on Quest Pro or B&W passthrough on Quest 2.

    This most often means there has been an issue with the browser communicating with the plane tracking data. Firstly check you have a space setup with walls. If the issue persists:

    • 1. Clear the browser cache
    • 2. Close the browser
    • 3. Clear the current Space Setup
    • 4. Switch the device off/on
    • 5. Reset the Space Setup under 'Physical Boundaries' ensuring you have walls
    • 6. Relaunch the browser and go to https://spatialfusion.io
  • What devices or browsers support SPATIAL FUSION?

    Spatial fusion is built using open standards. It is designed and optimized to be best experienced on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro on the Oculus Browser.

    The desktop and mobile experience require the latest browser version as at launch, O/S dependent:



    Microsoft Edge

    Safari (Mac only)

  • How many people can participate at once?

    Spatial Fusion is designed as a solo or single-player experience.

  • What is the experience runtime?

    Approx 5-10 minutes, depending on how good you are saving the universe.

  • Does SPATIAL FUSION store any user information or data?

    The website uses cookies to track usage and performance to improve the experience. The website also saves MR anchors to your device so that you can return and play again over multiple sessions in the same room. This information is only stored on your device. On Meta Quest Browser, you can delete cookies and any stored anchors by clearing site data in the browser settings. You can view our privacy policy.

Cookies Policy

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